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Mr. Frederick Cooper, a Chicago artist, established a studio in 1923 to create beautiful sculpture and watercolor paintings. At that time, American architecture was in its heyday in the Windy City. Mr. Cooper was attracted to the the still newly invention of lamps. Through mixing the media of brass, fabric, glass and wood, Cooper created exquisitely designed lamps that matched the swift innovation in American architecture.
Under the stewardship of the Gershanov family, the business flourished in Chicago, then the lighting capital of the world. Over decades, many other lamp businesses faded away, while Frederick Cooper prospered, building on its reputation for distinctive styles and superb quality.
Today, Frederick Cooper stands for superlative design and traditional craftsmanship. Our goal is to search the world for lost arts and interpret them into illuminated art. There is no compromise in the integrity of media -- pure brass, genuine wood and exotic fabrics. Frederick Cooper -- built for generations.

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